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Party at Peggy Jean's

Party at Peggy Jean’s

Celebrate your next event with PJP!  Whether you are looking for a unique place to fete a birthday, host a shower, or just hang out with friends…Peggy Jean’s Pies is the place to be.


So here is the thing…we own a beautiful baking kitchen.  And we love to share our craft with others.  Accommodating up to 18 guests, we provide each guest with an apron and all the baking supplies needed to create a baby pie from scratch.  Allow the guest of honor to choose the type of pie to bake or collectively decide as a group…you’ll start with just a ball of dough and design a masterpiece under strict PJP tutelage.


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Here are a few Q&A about how it works…

Q:  Who is right for a PJP baking party?

A:  EVERYONE.  We’ve worked with kids as young as six and adults celebrating their 65th birthday. We’ve hosted Girls Night Out events, corporate team building events, bridal showers, and everything in between.

Q: What do we do at a PJP baking party?

A: You bake your group’s pie of choice!  Each guest creates, bakes, and takes home a baby pie.  Please note that some pie flavors are better suited to a party atmosphere and we are happy to provide our suggestions to your group!

Q: What would I need to bring to the party?

A: Absolutely nothing but yourself.  You are more than welcome to bring food and/or drinks. We do not sell alcohol, but we do provide chilled wine glasses and a corkscrew!

Q: What about a rolling pin?

A: You don’t even have to bring that!  We provide the clean aprons, the rolling pins, and all baking tools. We will have your party set up when you arrive and while your pie bakes, you can socialize, open presents, drink wine, or chat with us…we clean it all up, so no worries about that!

Q: How long are PJP baking parties?

A: Parties are scheduled for a two-hour time frame.  Two hours provides plenty of time to bake, have fun, and box up the freshly baked pies for transport home!  That said, we do ask that each guest arrive promptly for the scheduled start time.  Our space may be rented for longer events at a rate of $50 per each additional 30 minute block.  Please inquire when booking if you are interested in reserving more than two hours for your event!

Q: How much are your parties?

A: The base price for our parties is $20 per person with a minimum charge of $200.  This includes all materials and each guest leaves with the baby pie they created and baked!

Q: How do I know if a date is available for a party?

A: Fill out the form above and we will be in contact.  We only host parties when PJP is closed to the public…so weekday evenings starting at 5:30 or Saturday afternoons starting at 4 pm.  We do entertain limited bookings for Sunday afternoons.  If the day is available and you are interested, we just require a 50% deposit to hold the date.

Q: It sounds too good to be true…what is the catch?

A: None. We just believe in having a ridiculous amount of fun. True story.