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Sticker Shock

So, let’s talk about commercial kitchen equipment for a minute…because, uhhh, EXPENSIVE.  I could try to build wealth on the back of countless hours of dough rolling…or, I could sell two commercial ovens.  We went to a local restaurant supply company today.  It was a first for me and I couldn’t even relax because I kept waiting for Tom Colicchio from Top Chef to run in and tell me to pack my knives and go.

I finally relaxed about Tom to only have an epic freak-out about the cost of everything (did you know a plastic salad bar on wheels costs like $900 bucks??!!!).  I think I accidentally threw a fork away on my tray at Furr’s Cafeteria in 1987 and I AM SO SORRY, because that fork wasn’t cheap.

So, cut to this:

That commercial oven has “special pricing” at $6,876.22.  WWWWWHHHHHAAAATTTTT?  I’m pretty sure my first car didn’t cost $6,876.22.  And what is up with the 22 cents?  Seems completely random to me.  Now, in full disclosure, I have no idea how this works.  Maybe we pick out a bunch of stuff we want and then the salesperson goes to a super-secret office to talk to his finance manager while you sweat it out in a cheap office chair and then he comes back and gives you some sort of final number.  Or maybe it is just pay as you go.  Maybe if we plead our story and keep saying “no loans, just Kickstarter” they will knock off the 22 cents.

This is why we need Kickstarter and you.  If we don’t fully fund Kickstarter, we won’t receive a single dollar of your backing pledges.  We aren’t getting any loans from the bank (ain’t nobody got time for that) and so all we have is charm, big dreams, Kickstarter, and you.  Read the full story here:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1576929042/bring-back-peggy-jeans?ref=live

In one other quick note, please check the super awesome article that Inside Columbia posted today:  http://www.insidecolumbia.net/Columbia-Culture/October-2013/The-Possible-Return-Of-Peggy-Jeans-Pies/.  She is seriously never going to live that hair down…

What Would Mike Brady Do?

Admittedly, my knowledge of architects is limited to the fine design skills of Mike Brady and the awesome houseboat owned by architect Sam Baldwin in Sleepless in Seattle.  Today I got a call from Contractor Steve and he said he was calling with good news and bad news.  The good? No sprinkler worries…since we are under 3,000 square feet, we are not required to install a system.  The bad?  We need a set of architect plans to present to the city for approval.

According to Google, there are a surprising number of architectural firms in Columbia.  How do you begin to choose one?  Well, I based my decisions on the websites. Because well, I like pretty and shiny things.  First two firms had no answer.  It was Friday afternoon, so who am I to judge?

Third firm, let’s call it Firm X, had someone more than willing to talk to me.  20 minutes later I was convinced that this entire idea was an EPIC MISTAKE.  For the low low low price of $10,000 to $25,000, those set of plans could be mine.

WHAT????  Here are some things I could buy for $10,000 to $25,000:

  • A car;
  • A boat;
  • Sweet freedom from student loan debt;
  • Oceanfront vacation;
  • Approximately 768 rawhide bones for my dog.
Things I won’t buy for $10,000 to $25,000:
  • Architectural plans for a 1,000 square foot box that will have no walls.
Alas all hope is not lost.  In a total panic, I emailed Mel, our commercial real estate agent, and he immediately provided the name of the architectural firm in St. Louis that is actually the designated firm for the developer that owns the property.  All signs point to a number from this firm that ends with three zeros and not four.  Which is good, because it is, you know, a 1,000 SQUARE FOOT BOX WITH NO WALLS.
Absolutely nothing else productive occurred today except a whole lot of Pinterest pinning.  This chandelier makes me INSANELY happy.  Insanely.  Complete and total Industrial Chic perfection.  If someone asks me to describe Peggy Jean’s new look, I’m just going to shove a picture of this chandelier in their face.
If you are reading this and you designed this chandelier, call me.  Immediately.