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Peggy Jean's Pies

Peggy Jean’s Pies


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  1. Amy Sutherland

    If we wanted to send 150 gifts of pies can you do that for us?
    What is the size//diameter of a 4 oz. jar?
    Does the pie have a crust? I didn’t see any pictures of the jar once it’s opened.
    Can we send 6 flavors in each shipment rather than one single flavor to each of the 150 recipients?

    Lots of questions!

    1. Post author

      Hi Amy!

      We can most certainly send 150 six-packs of pie! Each jar is three inches in diameter and each pie has crust all the away around and crust on top. They are fully baked and ready to eat with the six tiny forks included (or can be frozen and reheated according to the instructions we include). And yes, we offer a standard variety pack so that the recipient gets to enjoy six different flavors!

      If you want to email me at, we can talk more and I can share a file of pictures with you. We would also be happy to send you a package at no cost so that you can get a feel of the product!


  2. Nicole Mueller

    I’m a student at Mizzou and we are looking at covering Peggy Jean’s Pies for a multimedia project in my journalism class. If you have the time or interest in working with us, I would love to talk further! We would love to help spread the word of pie.

    Nicole Mueller


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