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Peggy Jean’s Pies – Contact Us!

Peggy Jean's Pies - Contact Us!

Peggy Jean’s Pies – Rebecca & Jean

3601 Buttonwood Dr Ste E
Columbia, MO 65201
10:30a – 5:30p Tues-Fri
10:30a – 4:00p Sat
(573) 447-PIES

9 thoughts on “Contact Peggy Jean’s Pies

  1. Anonymous

    We’ve had PJ’s pies several times and they are always delicious. So making our decision to buy our thanksgiving pie from you was an easy one. However, I must report we were so terribly disappointed when we bit into our pumpkin pie. The nutmeg was overpowering and left a bitter taste in our mouth. It was so bad we could not eat our wonderful pie. Perhaps this is something you can review for next year. Thank you!

    1. Post author

      Hi There!

      Thanks for the feedback and we are so TERRIBLY sorry for the overpowering Nutmeg in your pie:( Given our day on Wednesday, anything could have caused someone to get distracted and double the amount. This comment doesn’t show your email address, so please contact us at and we will happily refund you or mail you a gift certificate for a 9-inch pie!

  2. Elaine Hassemer

    Absolutely love your blog! If you think your 40th made you feel old, imagine what it did to one of your former teachers! Okay…you also mentioned 6th grade math in last blog…
    I was writing to see how large a group you can accommodate in the tastings for staff community building and what charge would be for the group. We have We have 48 on staff.
    Also, loved the pie and booze and we are watching for Kentucky Derby one!

    1. Post author

      Thank you so much!

      We can come to you with a PJP Roadshow and do a tasting party on site to accommodate your party size. We call it the PJP Roadshow and we bring everything…pies, plates, forks, napkins, tasting cards, prizes…and do all the clean up, so you just get to have fun and hang out together! Just shoot me an email at and we can talk dates and pricing…we can make it work:)

  3. gina marie fusco

    Hello, Love looking at your website. I used to get a nightly sort of daily blog or letter you write and loved reading it before bed and it stopped coming. May I receive it again? Thanks so much, I hope to order or drive to Columbia from Maplewood,Mo and visit you.

  4. Chris Ordway .....Mother of the Groom

    My son’s wedding date was May 29, 2016. I’ve heard from him for months, that instead of a “Grooms Cake”, he wants a three tier Blackberry Pie.
    His favorite Blackberry Pies were made by his grandmother. When he would come home during his time in the Marine Corps, it wasn’t without a trip to “Grandma Betty’s” for the Blackberry Pie she ALWAYS had warm & waiting for him.
    When my son & (now) new bride come in for wedding plan finalizing, I had ordered 3 different pies he had expressed interest in (Blackberry included). We were all able to same each of the pies. HE WAS IN LOVE WITH THE BLACKBERRY….. Grandma Betty’s aren’t easily replace or measure up to.
    I was perplexed on where to find something that would make a three tier pie….. I was able to find a wonderful “plant stand” & spray painted it the color I wanted. With the help & creativeness of Jeanne….. MY SON HAD A THREE TIER GROOMS BLACKBERRY PIE !!!!
    We also ordered Cherry Pie & (my personal favorite) White Chocolate Strawberry!!!
    Somehow during set up (by the groomsmen) a White Chocolate Strawberry bit the dust …. Too bad I wasn’t there, I BELIEVE IN THE 10 SECOND RULE !
    At the end of the evening I had one Cherry & one Blackberry Pie left over to bring home. Both of the White Chocolate Strawberry pies were gone before either one of the other two pies.
    YES over the last week my husband & I have eaten BOTH PIES, along with a few pieces of left over wedding cake!
    I was so pleased with the friendliness of everyone, the help with solving my dilemma of a three tier pie, & just being there when I called to triple check on the pies from Peggy Jean’s Pies, it made my son’s one request very easy. I don’t live in Columbia but when I am, I’ll be stopping by for a pie (or two).

    (I’m trying to find a picture of the three tie pies)

  5. Jacki Davidson

    I love your pies & have bought several for different occasions. I just purchased your Lemon Cream with a beautiful meringue. Lemon is my dad’s favorite. Unfortunately…the pie had no lemon taste at all. It was delicious! But just no lemon taste. If I had of ordered the Lemon Chiffon…would it have had the lemon taste?

    1. Post author

      Hi Jacki…I’m so sorry. The lemon should have had a solid lemon flavor, so I’m not sure what might have happened. It is definitely more lemon flavor than the chiffon. Please email me directly at and we will figure out a remedy for you!


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