Monthly Archives: March 2017

Back To Normal-ish.

We felt a little back to normal today at PJP Buttonwood (and without question, more rested than any other day this week).  We’ve worked so much lately on rather large orders that our regular Thursday pie baking schedule felt like smooth sailing through calm seas.  And I used the calm atmosphere this morning to draw Jeanne and Emily right on down the rabbit hole to my new obsession…Missing Richard Simmons.  Has anyone else listened to this podcast?  It is a series that focuses on the mysterious disappearance of fitness guru Richard Simmons from the public eye over three years ago.  DOWNLOAD IT TO YOUR PHONES, PEOPLE.   You won’t regret it.

Once we opened and it was too busy with customers to focus on whatever happened to Richard and his fitness studio Slimmons (I love a good pun, btw), Jeanne decided she was going to be a bit creative with the American Apple pies and put an egg wash and sugar glaze on them and then brown them with a blowtorch.  You know, as one might decide to do on a Thursday morning.  Every time Jeanne picks up a blowtorch, I feel strongly that I should go outside in case she burns PJP Buttonwood to the ground and we need one person left to carry on the quest for #worldpiedomination.  Thankfully she only burned a few holes in the baking sheets but was able to create a fun tiger stripe apple pie (which you can see on our Instagram, if you are curious because technology makes me stabby and I can’t figure out how to get the video here…even though it exists on my phone and in my iCloud.  NEVER EASY, I TELL YOU.)  Unless you are our insurance carrier, because then we were totally not blowtorching a single thing today.  And please don’t look at our Instagram.

So tomorrow, we plan to listen to at least three more episodes of our podcast.  Oh, and St. Patrick’s Day…we will be making a lot of our super boozy Irish Cream pie.  If you haven’t had it, I promise you that it is delicious and a far better pairing with beer than cabbage…


A Few Things.

It is hardly a surprise that we were a tired bunch of pie bakers today at PJP Buttonwood after yesterday’s epic Pi(e) Day.  But even after a record breaking sales day, the quest for #worldpiedomination must go on, right?  Beyond starting with absolutely no pie (or even any dough), we also had 150 baby pies on order for a customer today and a fair amount of Jelly Jars to ship all over the country.  So we just put on fresh aprons and got to work, even though none of us working this morning were even sure what day of the week we are on.

So, as we transition back to normal life, here are a few things that have happened while I was distracted with Pi(e) Day…

  1. PJP’s Chocolate Bourbon Pecan made the cut to the final three in the race to win Inside Columbia’s Best of Columbia contest (in the Best Dessert category).  Today is the final day to vote and a vote for PJP is a vote for #worldpiedomination.  If we win, Chocolate Bourbon Pecan tarts for everyone.
  2. And speaking of fun, PJP’s third birthday is April 17th.  DANG, WHERE DOES TIME GO?  We let our first and second birthdays slip by relatively low key, but three feels a little different to me.  Maybe perhaps because we’ve learned enough over the past 36 months to be able to take a deep breath and consider the accomplishes of the past three years.  Or maybe it is because we could name the celebration “OMG, PJP Is Three!”.  (I guarantee you that Jeanne just rolled her eyes.)
  3. But April 17th is the day after Easter and Easter has historically been one of our busiest days of the year, so…basically we will make a decision about birthday celebrations on April 14th or so.  Sounds about right.
  4. Which reminds me, plan to order for Easter soon if you haven’t already.  Due to volume, we did have to close the ordering system down last year for Easter weekend fairly early.  I don’t know how many orders we have right now, but I also didn’t even know it was Wednesday until 9 or so this morning because I’ve gotten up and baked for a million days in a row and it has all blended together and I would have sworn it was Thursday.  So there’s that to consider.
  5. And that’s it.  Maybe if I would have answered some emails and followed up on some PJP work that didn’t include being elbow deep in peeled apples, I could report more.  That’s just my way of saying that a) I lead a glamorous life, and b) if you emailed me in the past week, I totally haven’t read it.  Oh, and I guess c) I could use a personal assistant…or a professional apple peeler.

March Is The New November…

So…did you know today was Pi(e) Day?

I might have mentioned it a time or two.  Or 100, honestly.

Let’s cut right to it…we made SO SO SO SO SO MANY PIES over the past 48 hours.  We had a large order of 200 baby pies for an organization due yesterday and an early morning school fundraising order of 51 twelve-inch pies for this morning.  And then we made another 750 pies for PJP Buttonwood for sale today.  And we sold all of them, so we made more.  And we sold those right off the hot baking trays.  So we made some more.  And sold those.  I think you get the point.  And as a weary Kayla pointed out at some point today, March is the new November.  Truer words have never been spoken.  (Except for when I said I needed an extra shot in my iced coffee, because that was the legit truth.)

But here is all the good from today…

  • We had fun.  Seriously.  We have the best team of employees ever, so even though the hours are long, we never run out of things to talk about or things to laugh about.
  • Neither Jeanne or I cried.  Whaaaaat?  We were both pretty zen all day, actually.   I know, I don’t even know who we are any more.
  • We worked from a hard stance of first-come/first-serve for all the pies and didn’t allow people to call in and reserve pies.  It made a few people sad (and at least one pretty darn mad), but from our perspective, it made the experience far more equitable for the long line of people waiting outside our door for a better part of the day.  And it helped Team PJP stress a lot less, so a smart move overall.
  • 98% of people who stopped by were having great fun with the whole Pi(e) Day thing.  We accidentally left a tray of Dutch Apple babies in the oven a few minutes too long and they were a bit darker than our standard.  I sold them all off for $2 each in under two minutes, fulfilling my whole Oprah “and you get a car, and you get a car” fantasy.  Except with almost-burnt pies.  Whatever, I’ll take what I can get.
  • And finally, it hardly seems possible but calculations show us at a 55% increase over Pi(e) Day 2016.  I even had the math independently verified, but it was right.  So that only means Team PJP is the best for working so hard over the past few days.  And you PJP fans…what would we do without  you?  Thanks so much for coming to see us today and having so much fun with it all.  Even those of you at the very end who got a choice of Key Lime or Sour Cream Cherry, you were excited to try anything we had.  You all are just the best.  In my heart, you all get a car…