Back To Normal-ish.

We felt a little back to normal today at PJP Buttonwood (and without question, more rested than any other day this week).  We’ve worked so much lately on rather large orders that our regular Thursday pie baking schedule felt like smooth sailing through calm seas.  And I used the calm atmosphere this morning to draw Jeanne and Emily right on down the rabbit hole to my new obsession…Missing Richard Simmons.  Has anyone else listened to this podcast?  It is a series that focuses on the mysterious disappearance of fitness guru Richard Simmons from the public eye over three years ago.  DOWNLOAD IT TO YOUR PHONES, PEOPLE.   You won’t regret it.

Once we opened and it was too busy with customers to focus on whatever happened to Richard and his fitness studio Slimmons (I love a good pun, btw), Jeanne decided she was going to be a bit creative with the American Apple pies and put an egg wash and sugar glaze on them and then brown them with a blowtorch.  You know, as one might decide to do on a Thursday morning.  Every time Jeanne picks up a blowtorch, I feel strongly that I should go outside in case she burns PJP Buttonwood to the ground and we need one person left to carry on the quest for #worldpiedomination.  Thankfully she only burned a few holes in the baking sheets but was able to create a fun tiger stripe apple pie (which you can see on our Instagram, if you are curious because technology makes me stabby and I can’t figure out how to get the video here…even though it exists on my phone and in my iCloud.  NEVER EASY, I TELL YOU.)  Unless you are our insurance carrier, because then we were totally not blowtorching a single thing today.  And please don’t look at our Instagram.

So tomorrow, we plan to listen to at least three more episodes of our podcast.  Oh, and St. Patrick’s Day…we will be making a lot of our super boozy Irish Cream pie.  If you haven’t had it, I promise you that it is delicious and a far better pairing with beer than cabbage…


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