Time To Make The Pies…

We’ve had four long and busy days of pie baking at PJP Buttonwood this week.   We normally get a bit of a break on Mondays because we are closed, but this week, we made 700 baby pies on Monday.  Which really just means that all day today, it felt like Friday to me instead of Thursday.  And then I realized it doesn’t even matter because we will be working every day until a week from Sunday (seriously).  Remember the “time to make the doughnuts” guy?  Yeah…a little like that this week.

But in good news, we are switching our webhosting from Bluehost to a local company, Delta Systems.  They read of my technical support woes from earlier in the week and stopped by to offer support, which is how I’m writing this now with confidence that it will post and not fall into a black hole of Bad Gateway 505 errors.  Apparently, changing hosting companies isn’t like flipping a switch and takes a week or so (I think.  I guess?) but at least the process has started and that is more than I could have ever hoped for five days prior to Pi(e) Day because our second biggest event after Thanksgiving looms near.

This morning when Jeanne and I went to get our coffee, one of our favorite baristas mentioned that he had seen flyers all over his apartment complex that residents were invited to the clubhouse to enjoy Peggy Jean’s Pies on Pie Day.  And that news almost made me drop my six Splenda packets right onto the floor.  I know every order by heart over the next few days and no one has called to order enough pie to feed AN ENTIRE APARTMENT COMPLEX.  Gah.  Which makes me think a) they will call Monday to order and we aren’t taking any more pre-orders for Tuesday because if we do, we will never have the power or time to bake for the store…OR 2) someone from that complex will be waiting at our front door at 10:20 on Tuesday morning and completely buy out our stock of nine-inch pies, leaving a line of disappointed customers.  Either way…what do you do with that scenario?  Either way, we disappoint the complex (and their professionally printed flyers) or people waiting in line to buy someone fun for Pi(e) Day at a discount.  Hmpf.  This is precisely when I wish I had another 1,000 square feet.  And ten more employees.  And a million dollars…because why not? (And maybe someone to tell me what to do…but only when I ask to be told.)

I think when I go get my coffee in the morning, I’d better find out just how many people live in that complex.  Or just take the baking schedule for Tuesday and times it by 10.  Or just get two shots of espresso in my coffee and focus on tomorrow only…



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