3 AM

For the last week (with the exception of Sunday), Jeanne and I have started our PJP day at 3 am and finished each day around 6 pm.   Which is say that the blog silence on Wednesday and Thursday was sponsored by 3 am.  And the dark circles under our eyes in the late afternoon were sponsored by 3 am.  And any sort of stabbiness between us last week was sponsored primarily by 3 am.  BECAUSE 3 AM IS REALLY JUST THE WORST.


  1. 3 am takes forever to text you back.  And even then, only uses emojis.
  2. 3 am overuses exclamation points.
  3. 3 am blows up your Facebook feed with political rants.
  4. 3 am asks 1,000 questions before ordering at Starbucks.
  5. 3 am resells Adele concert tickets on eBay for $12,000.
  6. 3 am hates House Hunters Renovation.
  7. 3 am offers you skim milk for your coffee.
  8. 3 am eats your secret stash of holiday M&Ms.
  9. 3 am posts endless workout selfies on Instagram.
  10. 3 am pays by check.


2 thoughts on “3 AM

  1. karen gay howard

    saying Divine Order over your life for rest, protection, provision and peace. this IS the road to WORLD PIE DOMINATION and Peggy Jean’s is gonna get there first with great style and panasch!

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