World Cookie Domination?

If you’ve been lucky enough to stop by PJP Buttonwood on just the right day, then you likely know that Jeanne makes insanely delicious cookies.  And pretty true to Jeanne’s creative genius style, she just created her cookie recipe from everything that goes on in her mind (which is, actually, an overwhelming premise to consider).  And when she gets the inclination, she makes a batch of cookies for us to share among ourselves and our customers.  Almost everyone stopping by PJP Buttonwood today was treated to an awesome cookie with their pie purchase.  And in all fairness, Team PJP ate an embarrassing amount of cookies.

Mac has never worked on a cookie day, so today was his first.  (Also, Jeanne let him pick the music before we opened and he was just so relieved to not have to listen to her preferred “Coffeehouse” station for the sixth day in a row that he was pretty much already having a winning Thursday.)  And then this…

Cookie Magic

I think beyond his dancing, Jeanne screaming “are you videotaping it?” is my favorite.  All I see in my head when she yells that is this…

jvc camera


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