Now And Then.

I took a look through the blog entries from this time last year and made several startling revelations.  Foremost, I thought that commercial convection ovens were much, much, much cheaper than they are in reality.  Secondly, we baked 55 pies to take to Lucky’s and we were exhausted…(clearly, we had not yet developed baking stamina).  Third, I had grand plans to apply for a Missouri liquor license…and I still haven’t done it, 365 days later.  And finally, we had no clue what we were doing this time last year.

With a lease in hand for 3601 Buttonwood with ink that had barely dried, the end of January 2014 was a pivotal point in moving PJP V. 2.0 forward.  And when I look at this, taken a year ago today…empty space


And this, taken a few months ago…




Then I’m all…


Cheers to World Pie Domination.  And to the best customers and friends these girls could ever have…



3 thoughts on “Now And Then.

  1. Karen Howard Barrow

    looking back is very productive….and indeed World Pie Domination is and is going to be an even bigger Beautiful Thing. we love you too….

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