Once-In-A-Lifetime List…

What we have here tonight is an assortment, a medley, a GRAB BAG of topics.

Please pardon the absence of any sort of unifying narrative theme.

  1. Yesterday, we shipped a pie to Charlotte, our Director of Publicity and Something-Else-I-Can’t-Remember, in New York, New York.  And I wish I knew where the pie box was right now and how it is faring on its journey to the Big Apple.  I hope the UPS workers aren’t drop kicking it across a warehouse or storing it in an un-air conditioned warehouse in some forgettable suburb near an airport as I type this.  That I actively spent time this afternoon thinking about that pie box and wishing it safe travels probably  tells you that we at PJP are SERIOUSLY INVESTED in this shipping endeavor.
  2. Our general rule at PJP is that I concentrate on cream pies and Jeanne concentrates on fruit pies.  Lately, we’ve had a lot of requests for traditional meringue on cream pies for special order.  In those scenarios, I beg of Jeanne to do the traditional meringue because meringue is so very temperamental (I swear I’ve caused a meringue to collapse simply by having doubt about it in my mind).  Saturday found me alone in PJP Buttonwood with a long-term customer who kindly asked if I would do a traditional meringue on her lemon pie.  I managed to do it, but the meringue was HUGE.  As in I should probably investigate the world record for meringue height.  All I can think is that when I’m nervous, I tend to do big meringue.  Which makes me think of Annelle in Steel Magnolias because she tends to do big hair when she is nervous.  Which is fair enough, because I also enjoy the colors blush and bashful and would frequent a beauty parlor owned by Dolly Parton if I had the opportunity.tumblr_n1coalMPS21r9ablgo2_500
  3. This Friday evening, we will be at the University Concert Series Premiere event (http://www.concertseries.org/event/premiere-the-celebration-of-the-year/).  We are super excited for this event wherein Concert Series unveils the 2014-2015 concert series schedule.  And by unveiling, I mean they throw a massive party with food, drink, and music in the historic Missouri Theater.  Purchasing a ticket gets you all-inclusive access to some of the best food, cocktails & beer, and entertainment in Columbia.  We are thrilled that we were invited to be a part of this awesome event and we can’t wait to see everyone on Friday.  We will be located in the rooftop lobby and we are bringing SO MUCH PIE.  And if you snag us a sample of white wine on your way to our booth, we will let you have two pieces of pie.  Fair enough?
  4. And finally, I’m happy to announce that PJP has ARRIVED and is a full-on fancy operation.  How do I know?  We have personalized pens.photo-64Really, these pens don’t mean anything except that I am not good at saying “no, thanks” to telemarketers who have a once-in-a-lifetime closeout special on ink pens.  But whatever…they come in blush and bashful.  Stop by PJP Buttonwood and get one before the once-in-a-lifetime supply is gone…

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  1. Christine

    The pens are perfect. The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to assessorize.

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