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Life of Pi(e)

Well, to start, I’m embarrassed to tell you that I’ve slept about 10 hours in the last three days.  That said, I have successfully finished Season Two of House of Cards and OH MY WORD – it did not disappoint.  Frank and Claire Underwood succeeded in making pie baking on very little sleep completely justifiable and worthwhile.

So let’s start about the pie baking.  We’ve been leading the Life of Pi(e) (minus the sinking ship, days on a lifeboat, and an angry tiger named Richard Parker…though Jeanne was a little grouchy today).  If we aren’t talking about pie, we are making pie.  If we aren’t making pie, we are talking about pie.  And if we aren’t making it or talking about it, we are talking about how to sell it, where to sell it, what sort of packaging to put it in, and how much to charge for it.  And honestly, if we aren’t talking about any of those things, we are talking about rental spaces, commercial refrigerators, plumbing prices, and 60 quart mixers.

More simply put, we are all about the pie.  All of the time.

Confession:  I didn’t know how consuming having a business would be, honestly.  You really never get a break from working on building your business…or thinking about how to build your business.  I completely blame my irreverence on every television show that portrayed having an adorable boutique as total merriment (remember “Over Our Heads” on Facts of Life?  Who didn’t want to work for Mrs Garrett?)  And perhaps boutique ownership gets you a little more merriment, but I doubt it.  Whether you sell cute stuff or you roll out pie dough, the Missouri Department of Revenue still sends you this scary coupon-looking book and you are supposed to fill out these little forms and send them in with money every quarter.  And if that all sounded rather vague…well, that is because the entire process seems rather vague in my opinion.  (And if you are from the Missouri DOR or the federal IRS, I fully intend to consult some sort of expert soon and file those little forms.  Promise.)

Between baking and sampling pies at Lucky’s, working to develop commercial accounts, considering how to build and market pie kits, and trying to make a completely raw space into a working Industrial Chic bakery, we are a little overwhelmed.  I’m working to convince Jeanne that we need personal assistants who will just follow us around with white wine and a notebook to write down the random things that pass through our minds that could be amazing ideas for PJP.

I’m not complaining by any means (though, I have in the past and I guarantee that I will in the future…no matter how positive I am, standing on your feet for 10 hours can make you a little punchy).  I’m just keeping it real on the blog.  It is hard to find a “how-to” book on being an entrepreneur that has a chapter on what to do when you are overwhelmed, a little bit shouty, and how to handle crying when you realize with one French Silk left that you are completely out of cocoa.  Ahem.  (Running out of supplies is the Richard Parker of this metaphor).

I feel though that a little bit by each day, we are starting to figure this all out.

Until tomorrow.  It is completely possible that tomorrow I will feel like I have no clue what I’m doing.




I Hope Jon Hamm Reads This…

I couldn’t wait to call Jeanne this morning for the lowdown on her official Elks swearing-in and for all news about the goat.  TOTALLY ANTI-CLIMATIC.  The goat didn’t make an appearance and there were no Marty Moose impersonations.  By all accounts, it sounded like a very run-of-the-mill initiation ceremony…though she did receive a coupon for a free meal at the Elks Club on a Friday night or Sunday morning.  Still, in my opinion, goat antics outrank free biscuits and gravy any day of the week.

Once I got the play-by-play of the event, we prepped our baking schedule for Lucky’s and started talking about new business.   We’ve been working on developing corporate accounts…meaning people and businesses who have the need for recurring orders (at least monthly), for whom we can offer special pricing and monthly invoicing.

We have a lot of great ideas about who this could work for and we are super excited to introduce two new partnerships!

We have new friends at First Community State Bank (  FCSB is a Missouri bank with branches all over the state (literally…there are like 48, with three in Columbia alone).  They offer an event for their Horizon Club members on the first Tuesday of each month and starting March 11th, those lucky attendees will be enjoying a variety of Peggy Jean’s Pies.  We were able to offer FCSB discounted retail pricing and monthly invoicing and a standing date on the first Tuesday of every month.  We are so excited to have you in the PJP inner circle, FCSB!

From new friends to old friends, we are THRILLED BEYOND COMPARE for our buddies at Shortwave Coffee.  Dale and Laura have opened their very own coffee shop in Alley A in downtown Columbia and I really can’t wait to get there (my coffee love is well documented).  They are open from 7 am to 1 pm each Monday through Friday.  And since they are just a few blocks away from Lucky’s, I’ll be stopping by on a regular basis with fresh PJP pie for sale by the slice at Shortwave!  It looks like we will be starting next week with Dutch Apple and then will stop by later in the week with fresh Chocolate Bourbon Pecan for the people that will flood downtown next weekend for the True/False Film Festival (self included).  Without question, one of the best weekends for the Columbia business community AND I hear that Jon Hamm often returns to Columbia for the event.  (I have no confirmation of this piece of gossip but I so so so so so hope it is true…and Jon Hamm, if you read this, free pie for you).

I digress.  Jon Hamm has that impact on me.

If you own a business or you regularly interact with customers whom you would like to send a pretty awesome gift (talking to you realtors and construction companies!), we can offer you discounted retail pricing and the option for monthly invoicing.  Email me at for pricing information and thoughts on how we can get you set up!

This Post Has Nothing To Do With Pie…

As I type this, Jeanne and her husband Dale are being sworn in as members of the Elks club.  After baking in their kitchen for the past few months, we’ve sorta of gotten used to the place.  And plus, if you are a member, you can buy cocktails for like a dollar from their super secret keycard-access-only lounge.  The Elks should have really beaten American Express to the whole “membership has its privileges” motto because I consider a dollar cocktail to be a much better deal than 22.99% APR.

So I had actually forgotten tonight was the super secret Elks initiation ceremony.  I’m not sure what is involved but I have grand visions of boxed wine in a fancy communal chalice and exceptionally dim lighting.  Until Jeanne told me this…apparently when you enter the room, you have to put your hands up like antlers on your head.  (Did anyone else just have a mental image of Clark W. Griswold with a Marty Moose mug?)

I hope they were kidding her.  And then she said a goat comes to the ceremony.

I don’t even understand.

Wouldn’t you think it would be an elk?

Although after Googling “elk”, it is clear to me that the antlers probably wouldn’t even fit through the front door and so I guess if you are looking for some sort of cousin to the elk in mid-Missouri, a goat seems like a legit choice.  And honestly, for a dollar cocktail, I’d be ok with an elk or a goat.  Or Marty Moose.

I don’t think she is allowed to take pictures and I’ve probably seriously already violated the whole “what happens in the Elks Fight Club stays in the Elks Fight Club” credo, so I’ll leave the rest to our imaginations.

I do plan to encourage her to run for Elk of the Month, though.  It comes with your very own special parking spot.