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This Is Crazy…

So, in a turn of events I swore would NEVER EVER EVER happen, I’m actually going to discuss something that I learned in 10th grade geometry at Hickman High School in 1990.  Everyone who knows me outside of the blogsphere likely just fell off their chairs laughing because math skills isn’t in my top five skill sets.  My geometry teacher probably just rolled her eyes (I honestly have no idea where she is now and I doubt she reads this, but in the event she does – Mrs. Paulsen, the math thing still baffles me and I thank Steve Jobs for my iPhone calculator on a regular basis.  I’m sorry to disappoint you.  But in my defense, I’ve never encountered a situation where I needed to prove a theorem either.)

Pi is 3.14.  Can we all agree on that?  I mean, we all remember the scene from “Life of Pi” where the lead character convinces everyone to call him by the nickname “Pi” by reciting the actual number (which has something like 20 numbers in it, but Wikipedia claims it totally fine to just refer to it as 3.14).  And because I really remember nothing from 10th grade geometry, my fine Google skills tell me that if you want the technical explanation of what pi is and how it matters to diameter and the whatnot, then you are clearly reading the wrong blog because I don’t have those answers.

But, do you see where I’m going with this?  Pi is 3.14.  What can we do that is fun with the idea that Pie = 3.14.  And then it occurred to us…our Kickstarter campaign ends ONE WEEK FROM TODAY.  So we came up with something crazy.  Like a Clark W. Griswold crazy sort of thing:

Here is the deal:

For any $314 pledge to Kickstarter, receive 3.14 pies this week.  Yep…like we make them and deliver them to you on Friday.  No waiting until November 20th.  No counting down the days until you can pick up your Thanksgiving order.  Now.  No waiting.

Here are some things to consider:

1) You can pledge $314 to Kickstarter yourself.  You are awesome.
2) You can get together an entire team of people who band together and come up with $314.  Group awesomeness.  As long as one person pools the $314 and pledges it to Kickstarter as a total $314, it works for us.
3) Either option is fine with us, but you must be local for delivery.  Sorry, we aren’t set up for shipping yet.
4) What exactly is 3.14 pies?  Three whole pies and one baby.  Yep…cute, I know!
5) We will deliver on Friday to your home or your office.
6) We will even sign the boxes, if you wish.
7) We will give you a list of pie options after Kickstarter notifies us of your $314 pledge.  Options will be based on seasonality (just know that gooseberries are killer hard to find this time of year and it won’t be on the list).
8) We can work with you on what freezes well if you are pre-planning for Thanksgiving.
9) You would have the most awesome tailgate at Faurot Field on Saturday against Tennessee if it included 3.14 Peggy Jean’s Pies.
10) Your family and friends would love you forever if you had Peggy Jean’s for dessert on Friday night.

This offer is valid from the time you are reading this until 11:59 pm CST Tuesday evening.  This way we have Wednesday to plan and Thursday to bake and Friday to deliver.  Your week just went from meh….to OH MY GOSH, I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT TO BE FRIDAY!!!

Find our Kickstarter campaign here:


Stop Us From Being Awkward…

We hosted a super awesome and fun pie-baking class on Wednesday night (read about it here:  What I didn’t also tell you about in the Wednesday recap was one other small detail…we also did the photography shoot for the cover of the December issue of Prime Magazine (  Let that sink in for a moment while I mark out “be on the cover of a magazine” from my bucket list.

Prime is an Inside Columbia sister publication geared toward the baby boomers in Columbia.  So in all fairness, Jeanne could have claimed the cover for herself and booted me right out, but then she would have had no one to shop for Spanx and cute heels with on Tuesday.   Because there is nothing more lonely than needing an opinion on how a shoe looks with your outfit and not having a shopping buddy, she was happy to have me along.
Perhaps it was the full moon or the alignment of the stars, but we both found something suitably cute in a surprisingly short amount of time.  That has never happened to us before and if it never does again, it certainly happened at the right time.  On the way home, I was talking to our publicist, Charlotte Wagster, and she had a BRILLIANT idea…some years ago she befriended Elizabeth Scokin, owner of Haute Hostess Aprons (  Elizabeth designs and makes these aprons that can’t even really be called aprons.  I am fairly certain that most of them have beading more intricate than my wedding gown.  Let me sum it up by telling you that Princess Kate Middleton received a Haute Hostess apron as a wedding gift.
Charlotte contacted Elizabeth, who added me on Facebook and was willing to overnight us some exceptionally fancy aprons for our photoshoot.  Luckily though, McAdams Ltd ( in Columbia had three Haute Hostess aprons in stock and Elizabeth and McAdams encouraged us to go and borrow several options for a day or so.  By two in the afternoon on Tuesday, I had this in my hot little hands:
It is embellished with Swarovski crystals and I would consider wearing it as a dress if it were only a bit longer, because it is just that beautiful (  Jeanne also got to choose and she went for this
If you can believe it, this apron is even more beautiful in person than in photo.  We loved both of these aprons…like in a “bury me in this” sort of love.  While we obviously knew we wouldn’t be baking in hundreds of dollars borrowed fabric, we couldn’t wait to wear these on our cover shoot.  And that they are silver and red?  Even better for the December issue!
At 5:30 pm on Wednesday, LG Patterson from Recess, Inc ( did our shoot.  He loved the aprons, my incessant Austin Power references, and my ability to balance on one heel while holding a pie.  I may have also offered him pie for life if he liberally used Photoshop and make us both look shockingly skinny and young.  (Honestly, I expected a lot of tunes and “give me sultry, give me happy, give me emotion” but I think when you are holding pies, you really just hope for the best in looking cover-ready.  I bet if you ask Cindy Crawford, she would totally agree with this conclusion.)
I don’t have a date yet for the magazine release.  Rest assured that I will go to the nearest store and buy their entire stock just to have the cashier look from the magazine to me and be all “is that you???” and then that is one more thing to cross off the bucket list.
This leads me to my next point.  This issue is for December.  It is going to be so terribly awkward if we are on the cover and have no pie shop because Kickstarter didn’t fund.  Please, please, please preserve all of our shame and self-worth and consider a pledge to our Kickstarter if you haven’t already.  Send the link to everyone you know and include a note that says the self-esteem of two women hangs in the balance of this project:  Do we think I should send my pleas to Princess Kate based on our finely established apron connection?  Does Kickstarter take pledges in English pounds?  Do the British eat pie?  These are things I need to know.

How To Make Martha Stewart Jealous…

So last night, 46 of our finest friends joined us at the Inside Columbia Culinary Adventure Center for a night of baking fun and it was AWESOME!  Seriously…we bounce a lot of ideas and crazy thoughts off each other, but in our wildest dreams, we didn’t plan that 46 pie fans would come out on a Wednesday evening during the first game for the Cardinals in the World Series to hang with us.  That is love, and don’t think for a hot second that we don’t appreciate every single second.

This blog was created for the whole point of keeping this process real and keeping it transparent to those interested in our journey.  We vowed to each other that I would share the good and the bad and the crazy and the unexpected with you at whatever cost.  And so it is confessional time:  TEACHING A BAKING CLASS IS HARD WORK.

We spent the last two days prepping in all ways…baking pies, buying and pre-measuring ingredients, rolling dough, cleaning out every Hyvee in town of their small baking disposable baking tins, figuring out what to wear, making 46 individual cups of pre-measured shortening, and peeling a bushel of apples.  Literally.  And it brought us to this:

When I tell you that the baking facilities at the Culinary Adventure Center are slung-up fabulous, I am totally not joking.  And when I tell you that putting together a seamless presentation that involves cups of flour and trying to read each other’s mind is really hard, I am totally not joking.  But I can tell you in all confidence that we had fun with each other even when we messed up and we had fun with our attendees, who listened intently to everything we said and asked a ton of great questions.  Seriously, our crowd made us better.  So while Martha Stewart can probably say she wasn’t jealous of our performance, she would be jealous of our crowd.

We offered our participants a chance to learn about three pies – cherry, chocolate bourbon pecan, and apple.  Jeanne taught a quick lesson in dough making and dough rolling to get us going.

We had a few people who promised us that if this pie-baking thing doesn’t work out, we could take a comedy show on the road.  Here, Jeanne is discussing lattice top crust and the Culinary Adventure Center Executive Chef, Dennis Clay, is prepping our cherries.

After completing all three pies, we turned our participants loose to make and roll dough and then complete one baby pie.

Soon it was time to load the pies into the oven.

And get down to the real business…sampling the seven different pies we brought to share with our 46 newest besties.

We loved this part of the class…we got to mingle and talk pie until everyone was ready to take their baby pie home.  We got so many great thoughts for the shop and received the sentiment loud and clear that dropping gooseberry pie from the menu might lead to some sort of revolutionary overthrow.
Just when you think this story can’t get any better, remember that $25 from each ticket sold to the event went to our Kickstarter campaign.  For those of you about to reach for your iPhone calculator, that is a total of $1,150 to our goal of $10,000!  Holy smokes…that is game changing for our campaign.  As of the time of writing this post, the proceeds of the event will give us a total of $7,810.  That means we need another $2,190 in the next 10 days.  Please take a look at our Kickstarter campaign at and share it with every person you know!
I couldn’t sleep tonight without properly thanking a ton of people for making last night possible…
1) Our families, because totally tearing apart your kitchen and baking pies until late in the night while having panic about not having enough measuring spoons is an experience all the peeps shared in.
2) Fred and Melody Parry, obviously.  Their idea, their building, their resources, their belief in us.
3) My friend and creative genius, Sherry Kudrna.  She worked her fingers to the bone to make the cutest recipe card favors for our guests that you have ever seen. They were beautiful and she had to wait for the UPS man to deliver tiny rolling pin ornaments at 5:15 pm when the event started at 6:30 pm.  Hello, last minute panic.
4) Shawna Houser at Bella Salon.  What a girl can do when she has good hair and killer eyelashes is unbelievable.
5) The Inside Columbia staff that assisted us and made us feel like creating a big mess was totally normal.
So tomorrow we are back to business as normal.  We had to write the architect another fat check this afternoon.  This should mean there is movement in some sort of direction, right?  Plans should be in the contractor’s hands tomorrow.  Until then, I’m concentrating 98% of my mental power on sending ESP messages of “why yes, we can have your space done by November 20th AND it is going to be amazingly cost-effective!”.